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Re-entering the Military

ADF Super is the default super fund for all members of the permanent forces and eligible continuous full-time reservists. If you join the ADF on or after 1 July 2016, your 16.4% employer contributions will be paid to ADF Super unless you choose another fund.

If you are returning to the ADF after previously serving, you may have super with another military-associated super scheme.

DFRDB and MilitarySuper pension recipients

You will become a member of ADF Super if:

  • you are a MilitarySuper or DFRDB pension recipient (excluding MilitarySuper invalidity pensioners)
  • you are a former member of MilitarySuper who does not have a preserved employer benefit, and who becomes a member of the Permanent Forces or a continuous full-time Reservist on or after 1 July 2016
  • you are a former contributing DFRDB member who leaves the Defence Forces on or after 1 July 2016 and returns to the permanent forces of becomes a full-time reservist
  • You haven't nominated another superannuation fund for your employer contribution.

Please note that current contributing DFRDB members in permanent full-time service cannot move to ADF Super.

Preserved super with MilitarySuper

If you have a preserved employer benefit with MilitarySuper and you have not previously chosen to transfer to ADF Super (or another nominated fund of choice), you can elect to rejoin MilitarySuper when you return to the ADF through the permanent forces or as a continuous full-time reservist.

If you prefer, you can choose to have your employer contributions paid to ADF Super. However, if you do this you won’t be able to go back to MilitarySuper. Contact your payroll area to arrange this.

Transferring benefits to ADF Super

If you decide to join ADF Super, you may elect to roll over the balances of your funded member and ancillary benefit accounts into your ADF Super account. Visit the Transferring super page for more information.

Get advice before you decide

If you're considering moving to ADF Super, seek independent financial advice before you do so.

ADF Super members have access to financial advice through CSC's authorised* financial planners.

* Our authorised financial planners are authorised to provide advice by Guideway Financial Services (ABN 46 156 498 538, AFSL 420367.). Guideway is a licensed financial services business providing CSC financial planners with support to provide members with specialist advice, education and strategies.

Finding the best way forward for your finances will depend on an array of factors, including:

  • when you first joined the military
  • how long you’ve been in continuous full-time service
  • when you plan to leave the military.

Make your decision carefully, because if you decide to move from MilitarySuper to ADF Super you can’t go back.