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Injury and Death

Your super benefit becomes payable to you or your family in the following situations:

  • Permanent incapacity: If you can't work due to a medical condition, or you have a terminal medical condition.
  • Death: Your super is paid to your beneficiaries.

Death of a member

If you die, your accumulated super benefit can be paid to your dependants or to your estate.

It's important to nominate beneficiaries for your super. Your super will be paid to them as long as they were still your dependant when you died.

Permanent incapacity or terminal illness

ADF Super can pay your super if you can establish that you are permanently incapacitated. For you to be taken as suffering permanent incapacity, it needs to be established that that your ill‑health (whether physical or mental) makes it unlikely that you will engage in gainful employment for which you are reasonably qualified by education, training or experience.

ADF Super can also pay your entire benefit tax-free if you are suffering from a terminal medical condition. A terminal illness exists in relation to a person when two treating medical practitioners, including one specialist (practicing in an area related to the illness or injury suffered by the person), certify jointly or separately that the person is likely to die within two years of the certification because of an injury or illness. 

How to apply on grounds of permanent incapacity

If you can establish permanent incapacity or terminal illness you can apply to access your super.

How to apply.

  1. Download the ADF Super Application for Early Release on Medical Grounds form
  2. Ask your specialist and general practitioner to complete sections of the form to provide information about your medical condition.
  3. Submit the completed form, along with any additional supporting documentation.

We will contact you when your application is approved, or if we need additional information.

Invalidity and death benefits

All ADF Super members who are serving permanent forces or continuous full-time reservists under the age of 60 are automatically covered by ADF Cover. This includes death and invalidity benefits, which are separate to accumulated ADF Super benefits.

Visit the ADF Cover website to find out more about death and invalidity benefits.