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ADF Super provides education and advice to members

Consultations and seminars

ADF Transition Seminars

ADF Super holds regular superannuation presentations throughout Australia as part of the ADF Transition Seminars program. Attending one of these seminars is a great way to learn more about ADF Super.

One-on-one consultations

If you're retiring, resigning or medically separating, or would just like to know more about ADF Super, consider booking a member consultation to better understand the options available to you*.

Consultations are free, take about 30 minutes, and are offered all around Australia. Please see dates and locations for upcoming member consultations in the table below.

*Please note that that all non-service members will require appropriate security access when attending sessions held on military bases. This is the responsibility of the person who wants to attend, and should be organised before coming to the consultation. Please contact us for more information.

Financial advice

ADF Super members have access to fee-for-service financial advice through Industry Fund Services (IFS).

IFS is the only provider that CSC (your trustee) has partnered with to bring ADF Super members a personal and trusted financial advice service. IFS planners are trained to be experts in your scheme.

IFS planners can advise you on:

  • Maximising your super
  • Tax-effective strategies to build wealth
  • Transitioning to retirement
  • Retirement income stream options
  • Investments — inside and outside of superannuation
  • Life and income protection insurance
  • Estate planning.

Who can access the advice?

This service is available to all ADF Super, MilitarySuper and DFRDB members and their partners.

Experienced and trustworthy

Advice is provided by financial planners from Industry Fund Services (IFS). CSC partners with IFS because:

  • Advice is provided solely in your best interest, and specific to your needs, circumstances and goals
    • There are no obligations, commissions or hidden fees
    • IFS planners are trained to be experts in your scheme.

Meet the planners.

Fee for service, affordable advice

Your initial advice appointment will cost $185. No personal advice is provided in this appointment, although you may receive general advice. Once you discuss your financial situation and goals with your planner, you'll get a quote detailing the type and cost of the personal advice that may help you.

As a guide, the cost for advice ranges from $680 to $5,450 depending on complexity.  The average cost for comprehensive advice is around $3,500.

With IFS you will only pay for the advice you want. You'll know the exact cost beforehand, and you'll never have to pay any commissions or hidden fees. The cost is based on the time it will take to create your plan, including the preparation of a statement of advice.

Fees, terms and conditions that apply are detailed in the IFS Financial Services Guide, which is available directly from IFS.

How to get advice

IFS planners are based in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. If you don’t live in or near one of these cites, see the on the road advice schedule for 2016. There may be a location and date convenient for you.

Call 1300 277 777 to book your first appointment.

Free single issue advice

Free 'single issue' advice involves a financial planner providing personal advice to you on one topic, and is limited to contributions and investment choice for your ADF Super account.

For example, you might be interested in asking about:

  • contribution amounts into ADF Super
  • salary sacrificing into ADF Super.

Advice will be provided by an Industry Fund Services (IFS) financial planner.

Simply call 1300 277 777 to book your free single issue advice consultation.

Tools and calculators

ADF Super has created tools and calculators that will help you with questions including:

  • How much you can save with regular investment
  • How much you need to be saving to reach your goals sooner
  • How long you need to save to reach your savings goals
  • How to spend your money more wisely.