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Investment Options

ADF investment options

We understand that ADF Super members will have different preferences for how their super is invested. This preference can depend on your stage in life: for example, whether you are nearing retirement or just entering the workforce. This will also depend on your personal appetite for risk.

We've created four investment options to cater to this range of preferences.

What are the ADF Super options?

Below are the investment options, in ascending level of risk typically associated with that strategy.

Unless you make a choice, your super will be invested in MySuper Balanced, the default investment option for ADF Super members.

1. Cash

The Cash option invests in cash (deposits with a bank) and Australian-dollar-denominated money market securities (such as bank bills and promissory notes) that are issued or guaranteed by a government, bank or corporate entity. Its objective is to preserve capital and earn a pre-tax return close to that of the Bloomberg AusBond UBS Australia bank bill index by investing 100% in cash assets.

2. Income Focused

The Income Focused option is designed to offer real capital preservation and income generation with lower fluctuations in the capital price of its investments over the option’s investment horizon. Longer-run potential capital growth is partially traded off for greater security of principal value.

3. MySuper Balanced

The MySuper Balanced option comprises investment assets and strategies that are expected to generate a balanced growth in wealth over the option’s investment horizon. The option is expected to experience higher fluctuations in the capital prices of its investments within the investment horizon, such that shorter-run consistency in returns is balanced against longer-term potential wealth generation. 

4. Aggressive

The Aggressive option comprises investment assets and strategies that are expected to generate real growth in wealth over the option’s long investment horizon. Higher fluctuations in the capital prices of its investments are partially traded off for higher potential wealth generation over the long run.

Can I switch investment options?

Can I choose a mix of investment options?

Yes. You can invest in up to four investment options. You can choose a different investment strategy for your future contributions and existing account balance, or you can elect the same strategy for both.

You can switch your investment options at any time. However, charges may apply if you switch more than twice in any financial year. For further information, please see the fees and costs booklet

1. How is my super invested?

As trustee of ADF Super, Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC) is responsible for all aspects of ADF Super, including its investment strategy.

The assets of ADF Super are pooled together with the assets of other schemes administered by the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, such as MilitarySuper and PSSap. These schemes total investments of more than $36 billion on behalf of more than 700,000 current and former public sector and military personnel. That provides economies of scale benefits to members in each scheme, including ADF Super.

See "Investment disclosure" on the CSC website for information about investment managers and top equity holdings.

2. How will negative returns affect my ADF Super balance?

Negative returns are likely to reduce your balance in the short term. That reduction may last a day, a week or longer. The amount of reduction depends on factors such as:

  • the level of negative returns
  • how long the period of negative returns or volatility lasts
  • whether you decide to switch options in the meantime.

View current ADF Super investment performance.

Learn about unit prices and how they are applied to your account.


3. How is risk measured?

4. Which option or mix of options should I choose?

Deciding whether to switch investment options is a personal matter, so we can't tell you which option will be best for your situation.

We can, however, give you some general advice. Bear in mind that this information has not taken account of your personal financial situation or needs, and you should consider any advice on this website in light of your personal objectives, financial situation or needs before acting on it. You may wish to consult a licensed financial planner to do this.

Picking the best investment option is not as simple as choosing the option that has recently had the best returns. If one option delivers a negative return in one period of time (say, one month), that doesn't mean it will perform badly in the following period. Similarly, positive returns do not guarantee future performance.

When your option has not performed well, this can be a bad time to switch investments. In doing so, you may lock in your losses and miss out on gains when those asset values recover. Recoveries can happen quickly during times of high market volatility.

To help you decide which option or mix of options is best for your circumstances, you may wish to seek advice from a financial planner who specialises in helping members of the military.

5. Can I get personal financial advice over the phone about my investment option selection?

Yes. ADF Super members have access to financial advice through CSC's authorised* financial planners. The financial advisory services offered by CSC include single issue advice. In this service, a financial planner gives personal advice to you over the phone.

This advice is limited to your investment option choice and contributions.

Visit our “Advice and education” page to learn more.

* Our authorised financial planners are authorised to provide advice by Guideway Financial Services (ABN 46 156 498 538, AFSL 420367.). Guideway is a licensed financial services business providing CSC financial planners with support to provide members with specialist advice, education and strategies.