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Accessible Forms

Click on the relevant link below to open the electronic form. Once you have filled in all the fields, print and sign the form and send it to us along with any required supporting documentation to the address indicated on the form. If you are seeking a form that does not yet have an accessible electronic version, please contact us by calling 1300 203 439.

Forms codeUse this form toForm title
ADFSF4 Nominate your dependant(s) or legal personal representative to receive our benefit if you die Beneficiary nomination
ADFSF5 Notify ADF Super of new personal details Change of personal details
ADFSF20 Use this form to claim benefits as a spouse or partner of a deceased member. Death Benefit application form
ADFS17 Apply for early release of your ADF Super benefit on compassionate grounds Early access to Superannuation benefit on compassionate grounds
ADFS-Form6 Request the trustee to provide certain account information to an eligible person Family law application for superannuation information
ADFS- 72NMS Provide details of non-member spouse in relation to a super-splitting order Family law notice from a non-member spouse
ADFSF1 Choose your preferred investment option or mix of options Investment choice
ADFS-TFN Give ADF Super your tax file number Provision of Tax File Number (TFN)
ADFS-AUTH Give a third party the right to access your information or act on your behalf Third party authority
ADFSF3 Transfer other super funds into your ADF Super account Transfer your super to ADF Super
ADFSF21 Use this form to provide us with instructions to split your contributions to be transferred into your spouse’s super fund. Splitting your contributions
ADFSF19 Make a voluntary or spousal contribution to your ADF Super account Voluntary contributions
ADFSF6 Apply to withdraw all or part of your ADF Super benefit or transfer it to another fund Withdraw your super