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Accessibility Notice

We are currently converting our forms into accessible electronic versions. These are designed to be highly compatible with assistive technologies and screen readers. If you require an accessible electronic form please proceed to Accessible electronic forms. If you are seeking a form that does not yet have an accessible electronic version, please contact us by calling 1300 203 439.

Managing your super

Form titleUse this form toProduct code
Application for early release on medical grounds [PDF 697 KB]To apply for early release on medical groundsADFS-ACCESS-MED
Change of personal details [PDF 842 KB]Notify ADF Super of new personal detailsADFSF5
Early access – severe financial hardship [PDF 1 MB]Benefit access for severe financial hardshipEAFR02
Early access – specified compassionate grounds [PDF 1 MB]Benefit access for compassionate groundsEAFR01
Investment choice [PDF 2 MB]Choose your preferred investment option or mix of optionsADFSF1
Provision of Tax File Number (TFN) [PDF 2 MB]Give ADF Super your tax file numberADFS-TFN
Voluntary contributions [PDF 881 KB]Make a voluntary or spousal contribution to your ADF Super accountADFSF19
Withdraw your super [PDF 1 MB]Apply to withdraw all or part of your ADF Super benefit or transfer it to another fundADFSF6

Transfers to ADF Super

Form titleWhy read this fact sheet?Last updatedProduct code
Splitting your contributions [PDF 1 MB]Use this form to provide us with instructions to split your contributions to be transferred into your spouse’s super fund.Aug 2017ADFS21
Transfer your super to ADF Super [PDF 832 KB]Transfer other super funds into your ADF Super accountSep 2016ADFSF3

Beneficiaries and authorities

Form titleUse this form toProduct code
Death Benefit application form [PDF 1004 KB]Use this form to claim benefits as a spouse or partner of a deceased member.ADFSF20
Beneficiary nomination [PDF 835 KB]Nominate your dependant(s) or legal personal representative to receive your benefit if you dieADFSF4
Third party authority [PDF 841 KB]Give a third party the right to access your information or act on your behalfADFS-AUTH

Family law

Form titleUse this form toProduct code
Family law application for superannuation information [PDF 3 MB]Request the trustee to provide certain account information to an eligible personADFS-Form6
Family Law super splitting (base amount) [PDF 132 KB]Standard court order: re-allocate (in dollar terms) holdings in accordance with a super-splitting orderADFS-90MT1a
Family Law super splitting (percentage split) [PDF 141 KB]Standard court order: re-allocate (percentage split) holdings in accordance with a super-splitting orderADFS-90MT1b
Family law notice from a non-member spouse [PDF 817 KB]Provide details of non-member spouse in relation to a super-splitting orderADFS- 72NMS